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Redkite is an Australian charity providing essential support to children and young individuals (0-24y/o) with cancer.

Redkite’s site has information about counselling,  financial assistance, education and career support, bereavement support and provides a contact us service as well.  In particular, on the home page of Redkite, they have a list of all the upcoming events.  For September 2015, individuals are encouraged to take part in Trade a Treat, which is where you stop consuming an item for a week, and instead give that money that you would normally spend on that treat to Redkite.  Please check out the link below which outlines some of the treats that you could give up if you wanted to get involved.

It also has tabs along the top which include about redkite, how they can help, how we can get involved, ways to donate, real stories and the latest news.  Redkite knows the importance of families.  Their vision is, “Supporting every child, teenager and young adult  with cancer, and their family, who need us” and their purpose is, “To provide essential support to children, teenagers and young adults with cancer to ensure the best possible quality of life for them and their family – now and into the future.”

For more information please go to

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